Travel Agency Network

Our travel agencies ability to use our computers and access the internet securely is crucial to our business bottom line. As a small business we don’t have our own IT department, and knowing how to work with computers, I thought I’d be able to do everything myself. I quickly found oud that I was spending far too much time dealing with computer problems which I knew little about, and not focusing on my actual business. Technology quickly became a hinderance for us and not a tool to get the job done.
Reaching out to CSG was the smartest decision we made. On the first appointment they mapped our network, and pointed out several key issues that we didn’t even know we had. Turns out the neighboring business was stealing our internet and we didn’t even know that this was why our internet was so slow all the time.
Now, they just help to maintain our computer systems, setup new computers as we add new travel agents to our growing business, and provide all the technical support to my employees.
These guys sure know their stuff, I only wish i would have found out about them sooner.
Thank you so much for all you do!

Steve Travel Pro
Tickets Confirmed
July 18, 2017