When CSG IT Inc was founded in the 2002, the technology industry was booming.  Our focus was to help small businesses provide technical support and ongoing systems maintenance including upgrades and backups.

As time evolved, so did our clients’ demands for higher availability and more on-demand service offerings.   We also found that too much time was being spent repairing and maintaining old and decentralized computing systems and backups.

Being on the cutting edge of technology enabled us to dive into the world of cloud computing where we quickly began to virtualize our computing environments utilizing VMWare®.  However, the physical and budget limitations made it difficult for small businesses to stand up to the ideal on premise solution that would grow as the business needs would change.

Based on our customer feedback and ever-growing demand on technology, CSG IT developed a flexible, scalable and cost-effective hybrid cloud solution with which we can help our clients scale up or down depending on their needs thereby enabling them to focus on their core business.

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